Is Yo Whatsapp safe? Yo Whatsapp Download (YO WA) latest official version APK

 Is YO WhatsApp safe? Many people ask me this question, just download the latest official version of YO WhatsApp and you will be free from these troubles, the following will explain why YO WhatsApp has these questions raised and provide solutions.

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YO WhatsApp latest version is a modified version of the official WhatsApp, which is developed and modified on the basis of the original WhatsApp, so YO WhatsApp Apk is a third party application, and it can't be downloaded in Google Store. There are many other modified versions of WhatsApp. But there are also some MODS that do not contain viruses, so it is up to the user to judge which can be downloaded. If you think you can't judge, then don't worry, I recommend a very safe YO WhatsApp latest official version can be downloaded, the APKs in this website are very safe, I also downloaded and tried it myself, so don't worry.

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This official YO WhatsApp download site explains in detail the functions of YO WhatsApp APK and also introduces the latest version of YO WhatsApp update, every time it is updated, the download link of the latest version of YO WhatsApp will be put out for us to update, which is very timely, which is my special point. And it is the official download site of YO WhatsApp, which is very safe.

The official website of YO also often updates some blog articles about YO, in which all the tips and functions of YO WhatsApp are explained. If you have any questions about YO WhatsApp, you can ask their website, and you will not only get detailed answers, but also write a separate article to help other people who are confused like you. They will also get timely solutions because of you, which is just super cool!

Who invented Yo WhatsApp? - Yo WhatsApp download

 Yo WhatsApp is a modified version of the traditional WhatsApp, with improvements and changes.  The app offers a number of additional features.  It was developed from WhatsApp's original source code, but adapted to users' needs.

Who invented Yo WhatsApp? - Yo WhatsApp download

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Like WhatsApp, it contains all the basic functions such as messages and calls, with the addition of modified aspects such as file size limits sent, user data protection and app themes.

With so many great features, users can't help but meet the developer of the software.  Yes, if you know the manufacturer and the history of its development, you can get an idea of the reliability and trust that can be placed in this software.  Here are the answers, without you having to make any further effort.

Who invented YoWhatsApp?

YoWhatsApp was originally developed and launched by Yousef Al-Basha.  The main goal of YoWhatsApp was to simplify its use and add features that set it apart from WhatsApp.  However, after a while, Yousef Al-Basha stopped updating the app.  With Yousef's permission, Fouad Mokdad decided to continue developing the app in the future.  Future updates to YoWhatsApp will be released.  YoWhatsApp APK is also released by another developer, HeyMods.

All new versions will be updated on our website.  You can bookmark this page and download YoWhatsApp APK anytime.  Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to take your service to a whole new level with WhatsApp's advanced features!

Here are some of the sophisticated features offered by YoWhatsApp

Against prohibition.

Using the WhatsApp module may result in restrictions on your account, but the latest version of YoWhatsApp solves this problem in a pleasant way.  This means that you are safe when using YoWhatsApp thanks to the anti-ban feature.

Custom themes, fonts, and styles

The app offers over 700 themes and a wide range of fonts.  Users can tailor the interface to their preferences by selecting different layout styles.  In addition, themes are regularly and automatically installed based on name, date, and version.

Extended file sharing

Users can now send files up to 1 GB in size.  That's far more than WhatsApp's initial 16MB capacity.  Users can easily send video and audio files.

Hide online status.

Users can view a "recently online" status to indicate whether a contact is currently online or offline.  While some users find this useful, others see it as a major data protection issue.  So it's a good idea to turn off the "online" status to protect privacy.

If you disable the "Last Login" status in the official WhatsApp, the connection status of your contacts will no longer be displayed either.  Thankfully, Yo WhatsApp is being updated, so only your status will be hidden, but in the meantime, you can see the statuses of other users.


As we have already mentioned, Fouad is the new creator of YoWhatsApp.  For some reason, Yousef stopped development.  Well, users don't have to worry about that.  Fouad is responsible for YoWhatsApp.  Most importantly, we will continue to report the latest news here.  YoWhatsApp also offers higher limits, the ability to change colors and strong security features.

How to Deal with YOWhatsApp Spam

No one likes spam and false advertising. Yet they continue to flood the platforms and have an extremely negative impact on people. YO WhatsApp has also suffered from the invasion of spam. As these spam emails contain malicious content, our personal information is often obtained in the form of online scams, phishing, false advertising and more. Many of us simply know to use the YO WhatsApp customisation, hiding features etc., but are unable to tackle the spam.

Now I can show you how to identify which ones are spam and how we can stop the spam from appearing frequently on YO WhatsApp.

How to Deal with YOWhatsApp Spam

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What is spam?

It’s easy to distinguish spam on YO WhatsApp. Generally the following two situations occur which are most likely to be spam.

Contains suspicious links

Opening a suspicious link is likely to cause your web page to automatically redirect you to another page containing a malware download.

Once you have downloaded it, there is a high risk that this malware will steal your personal information and your other valuable personal data.

Grammatical errors and misspellings

Receiving documents containing grammatical errors and misspellings is no doubt not a regular email. They can look weird, and sometimes the system will automatically identify them as spam and alert you to clean them up in time.

Sometimes, however, these emails are not easily perceived by you or the system as being dangerous. The wording of the texts is somewhat deceptive. They include claims to be from WhatsApp or the YO WhatsApp team, asking you to contact them with your WhatsApp account, or congratulating you on receiving some kind of gift from WhatsApp.

How to deal with YOWhatsApp spam

If you recevied a similar email, you can first check on the official YOWhatsAp website to ensure that the email is legitimate.

You can also choose to change who can see your personal information through your account’s privacy Settings.

How can I fix message delay issues on YO WhatsApp APK? - Download yowhatsapp versi terbaru

 Have you encountered any delays in sending messages with YOWhatsApp APK?   Even if the network conditions are good, delays in message delivery can drive you crazy.   You may be wondering why.   Is it a network signal issue or a problem with the YO WhatsApp APK system?   So let us help you resolve this confusion.

Even when signal conditions are good, there is a delay in message delivery.   You can try the following measures

How can I fix message delay issues on YO WhatsApp APK? - Download yowhatsapp versi terbaru

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Reset YO WhatsApp APK

First of all, a problem with the YO WhatsApp system cannot be ruled out.   In this case, there may be delays in the YO WhatsApp system.   You need to close YO WhatsApp and restart the app.

Restart the Android device.

Apart from restarting YO Mod WhatsApp, there may be times when the app is not working because the device is not fast enough.

Clear the phone cache.

This is probably the most important reason for delays in message delivery.   You should not only delete the cache of YO WhatsApp, but also the junk ones on the Android phone in order to free up internal storage space.

Turn off power saving mode

You can also check if the power saving mode is enabled.   If it is enabled, it must be disabled.   This is because the power saving mode limits the use of certain functions to some extent and can slow down the sending of messages.

ME Reinstall WhatsApp.

If the above measures do not solve the problem, you should uninstall YOWhatsApp and reinstall YO Mod WhatsApp.

How can I remove Fouad WhatsApp and get back to the normal WhatsApp without losing data?

How to do this is simple. Just open Fouad Whatsapp and navigate to Settings > Chat History > Backup Chat History. Once the backup is complete, delete the Fouad Whatsapp app. Go to File Manager and create a folder named Fouad Whatsapp.

How can I remove Fouad WhatsApp and get back to the normal WhatsApp without losing data?

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Open that folder and you will see that each subfolder has the prefix FOUAD in its name. Rename every folder and remove prefix of Fouad from them. After that install original WhatsApp application and fill up your phone no. Click on restore. And your all chats and media will be restored as previous.

By the way, check that the internet link is properly linked, otherwise the program will not work.

Samsung J2 Flash File,Firmware,Rom Download

Do you feel your Samsung J2 mobile device have became more and more “slow”?

This because your Samsung J2 mobile device have lots of software which takes up all the memory of the phone, and you have not used firmware to flash your device for a long time!

Why Firmware is important on mobile device?

Because the firmware is the brain of the hardware, and the hardware is the important part of the mobile device .Therefore, it is important that you keep it in check. Also using Firmware to flash your device will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Samsung J2 Flash File,Firmware,Rom Download

How to update Firmware of your Samsung J2 mobile device?

At first, i will introduce a download link the Firmware of your device. In you can find the download link.

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The flashing step is so easy that the people who are the first time to flash their device also can operate.

Two things need to notice before start Flashing process:

The first one is that before downloading, you must make sure take a backup of Your ROM and Personal data as it will Deleted after flashing the stock firmware.

The second one is that please confirm Your Phone Have at least 40-50% Charge when flashing your device.

After doing that, you can start flashing!

Just what i said, keeping your Samsung J2 device’s firmware flashing is an important part of its maintenance the normal procedure of you device. And i think the link above will help you a lot about this.

I hope this blog will help you , and you can click the follow to us. We will share the information about firmware from time to time.